Making sure your student property is secure

Student houses can be a target for crime and theft, especially if they’re being left carelessly vulnerable. We at Crash Pads thought we’d provide a few vital and useful tips on how to make your property more secure, and theft proof:

Agree on things

This one may seem odd but arguably it’s the most important if you’re living in a shared property. Agreeing on simple things like a safe place to store keys is vital, not leaving valuable objects in plain sight is another. In other words, you need to agree to make your house less of an advertisement to thieves.


This is a safety check that perhaps applies more to the summer months. Leaving a window open is something that’s easy to do if you’ve got distracted but it’s a careless move that could be very costly. Doing a simple check before going out could be the most sensible thing you’ll ever do. As well as this, you’re not only putting your own belongings at risk but also those of your housemates and their safety.


Lighting is a deterrent to burglars. A blacked out house is one that looks empty, thus meaning it’s easier to get into… A simple thing such as leaving a hallway light on may be enough to deter an opportunist thief. 


Putting your security first

Here at Crash Pads we take the security of our tenants very seriously.  For additional peace of mind all of our properties are fitted with an Intruder Alarm System. Please browse our properties page for details of houses available to rent in Sheffield

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