Absolutely amazing house with much more than could ever be expected from a student house! We received the house in pristine condition with everything in full working order and the landlord was only ever a phone call away if we had any queries. We viewed many different houses before stumbling across Crash Pads and the house was beyond compare, we all thought it was too good to be true but it wasn't! Cannot recommend Crash Pads enough!
★★★★★ Ryan Medley


Can't recommend crash pads enough, any problem we ever had with the house was dealt with instantly by James, having a landlord who genuinely cares about the house and it's tennants is hard to come by so it's been a pleasure signing through crash pads and having a house that we all felt extremely comfortable in
★★★★★ Gurmeet Singh


Not a single bad word to say about this company. Quick responses to any problems we had (which there wasn't many of) Very clear and consistent communication Fair and reasonable in every circumstance. 5*
★★★★★ Lloyd Sparkes


An excellent house! Having a terrible experience the previous year we were quiet worried about making the wrong choice of property again but James (Crash Pads) made us feel so much at ease from our first visit. He was very welcoming and organised by giving us all the information and documents we needed. The house was a lovely home and well maintained throughout the year. A really great place to spend such an amazing year in and I will truly miss it!
★★★★★ Kay Lee


Excelled in everything you wish for and more in a student property. James is a brilliant landlord and nothing is ever too much trouble (even when your locked out of your room on a hungover Sunday morning) and if any maintenance problems did occur, it was sure to be fixed within that week. Very trustworthy, respectful and commendable company. Thank You for being fab in my last 2 years at University!!
★★★★★ Elizabeth Cayton


After a year of renting with them, I could not recommend James and Crash Pads more highly. For a very reasonable price, we received much more than could ever be expected from student accommodation elsewhere - it puts other houses to shame! If our circumstances were different then I can say without a doubt that we would all be more than happy to rent with Crash Pads for another year!
★★★★★ Daniel Ennis


James was excellent and the main reason I chose take one of his properties (74 Hunter Hill Road). Having had previously negative experiences with landlords, it was great to finally meet someone who cares. The house was well maintained (which I cant say has always been the case with previous experience), and if anything did need fixing it was done as quickly as possible. James was great at communicating, keeping everyone up date to with what ever we needed to know. A genuine, trustworthy and understanding landlord. Thanks James for all of your help!
★★★★★ Stephen Jones


Absolutely amazing accommodation, really clean and well looked after. Appliances are in good condition and work correctly. Landlord is great, easy to talk to and is reliable. 10/10 would rent again.
★★★★★ Tom Le Grys


Like most second year students I moved from halls to a house. After lots of research we booked a viewing for Pad 10. This would be our first and last viewing - we signed for the property two days later. From the very start the professionalism was clear. James made the entire process, from paperwork, moving in, clarity in communication easy and understandable eliminating any stress and worry. Throughout the entire year he has been reliable carrying out work on time as scheduled and has been open and honest allowing us to unnervingly approach him with any problems that came up during the year. Crash Pads is a must for any students in the Sheffield area looking for peace of mind and value when looking for a property. Thank you very much for the last 12 months!
★★★★★ Will Jones


James was so excellent we decided to return for a second year. All off the above still applies and again James was friendly, helpful and responsive. Student accommodation can be incredibly stressful but James alleviates any worry during the entire process. I can't recommend Crash Pads enough. Thanks again for the last 12 months!
★★★★★ Will Jones


Brilliant accommodation which is well furnished and maintained to a good standard. A lot included in the reasonably priced rent. James, the landlord, is great very easy to talk to, keeps you well informed and helps with any problems you might have. I would highly recommend Crash Pads to anyone looking for a house in Sheffield.
★★★★★ James Scarrott


I stayed in pad 3, it was a brilliant house and was made even more great to live in by having such a professional and helpful landlord. Would highly recommend Crash Pads to anyone looking for house to live in.
★★★★★ Jonny Dacey


I lived in Pad 6 in 2016/17. This house is in an excellent location as it is in walking distance of both Sheffield Hallam Uni and Sheffield train station. My room was really spacious and the house was a perfect fit for all of us and very affordable! James is a brilliant landlord who, throughout the year, promptly helped us with any questions or problems we ran into. I would definitely recommend Crash Pads to students looking for private accommodation and I hope to be using them again in my final year of study!
★★★★★ Holly Savin


James was a great landlord, he ensured we had all the paper work and even came to our (scruffy) halls so we could meet him and sign everything. The house was in a great location - close to uni, shops and endcliffe park. All of the furniture was clean and everything worked great, if anything wasn't working it took less then 2 days for it to be fixed! James also always kept us updated with anything we needed to and kept us in the loop. Thank you james for being a great landlord 🙂
★★★★★ Autumn Beard


I've was a tenant at Crash Pads, Pad 1 in the year 2016/17 and had little to no issues with the house, James is an honest and fair landlord who get things fixed asap
★★★★★ Tom Filarowski


I lived in Sheffield for a year and never had any problems. James was an extremely reasonable landlord with myself and all of my housemates, and the house was given to us in brilliant condition, well furnished and with all bills included and all at extremely good prices. Would strongly recommend anyone looking for Sheffield to be in touch with James.
★★★★★ Reagen Hepplestone


Loved living here, close to great shops and bars and not too far from either university! James a fantastic landlord - professional, friendly and efficient!
★★★★★ Kerry Walke


I lived in Pad 2 for my final year at university and I must say it was a very pleasant place to live at! It felt like a true home away from home. The landlord was very helpful with any questions and queries we had before, during, and after the tenancy duration which I'm very thankful for. Would recommend Crash Pads to any students looking to live in a private accommodation for any of their study years!
★★★★★ Alex Jones


My overall experience of living in crash pads accommodation over the past 2 years has been an excellent one and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. As a landlord, James is exceptionally helpful and easily reachable which contributed to a fantastic couple of years!
★★★★★ Tom Patchett


I have lived in 2 Crash pads properties over the last 2 academic years, 20 Wayland Road and 907 Ecclesall Rd. Both excellent properties in vibrant student areas of Sheffield. James the landlord is always on hand if there's ever any problems. A few times things broke such as the washing machine and microwave which were both promptly replaced as well as any other repairs that needed doing. I would highly recommend crash pads to anyone, Sean (Former tenant)
★★★★★ Sean Stones


I lived in Pad 1 for my final year and had a great experience, the rooms are big, all bills are included in the low rent and best of all James is always happy to help if there are any issues. I would definitely recommend using crash pads
★★★★★ Caroline Daye


James is a brilliant landlord; efficient, friendly and professional. If you're looking for homely student housing with an honest and organised landlord then I would highly recommend using Crash Pads! Absolutely amazing :)
★★★★★ Shannen O'Neill


I lived in a Crash Pads property for several years as a student and I can definitely recommend the company! The landlord James is brilliant and helped us out quickly if we had any issues.
★★★★★ Jon Duffy


I lived in Pad 15, I can really recommend these properties and James as Landlord. Having friends lived in several of these properties, I can say they are all great spaces to live and very secure. They are well maintained and any issues are solved promptly. James is very easy to talk to, professional and understanding, for example I lived in the attic room and had issues with blind letting light through, after discussing the problem an agreement was made to fit a blackout blind. When at university it’s a relief that your living arrangements do not add anymore stress. I wouldn’t hesitate about contacting Crash Pads if I returned to living in Sheffield.
★★★★★ Jessica Flossie


I lived in Pad 4 in hull for my final year of university with 6 of my friends. The house was brilliant in a prime location close to amenities, bars and hull city centre. We never really had a problem and anytime we did James was always on hand to sort the problem usually within the day. We would have definitely stayed in the house if we were still at university and I would recommended everyone to use Crash Pads for student accommodation!!
★★★★★ Josh Moore


I was so lucky to find Crash Pads for my second year of uni. The properties are all lovely and well maintained, the landlord is friendly but professional. I had a great two years in a Crash Pads property: I felt confident that if I had any problems with the house, James would sort it out as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, our washer/dryer gave up one day - within a few days it had been replaced. I have friends putting up with terrible landlords leaving them with no hot water or a working cooker, but we would never have anything like that with James.
Make the most of Crash Pads while you live in Sheffield - a great student resource!
★★★★★ Posy Jowett


James (the landlord) is lovely, relaxed and friendly. He can never do enough for you, the houses are all homely and in great locations for all. Best landlord I've had as a student and would recommend to all ☺ - Pad 13
★★★★★ Lucy Wilson


I stayed in a Crash Pad property for 2 years as a student - it was fantastic. Really recommend this company, genuine and caring from the day you move in to the day you leave.
★★★★★ Emmer Toogood-Wortham


I lived in a Crash Pads house for three years, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable landlord. Never any problems, and great value.
★★★★★ Jenny Fielder


James is an exceptional land lord, he was always on hand to help us with any issues we had and the and the problems we had were resolved as quickly as possible! For example the cooker broke and within a few days we had a brand new cooker installed. He and his maintenance team ensured that the property was maintained and professional cleaners were hired prior to moving in which was great. James is very open when it comes to dealing with issues and leaves no fees/charges 'hidden' as some other landlords may do. He was very friendly and I would recommend him and his services to anyone.
★★★★★ Dan Wright


There's not a problem too large that James (and his team) can't fix. All of his properties are well looked after, and any issues will be quickly fixed. You can't go wrong with James and Crash Pads
★★★★★ Bill Beckey

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